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10 Gold Flake Vials... Lowest Price online !! {1}
10 Gold Flake Vials... Lowest Price online !! {2}
10 Gold Flake Vials... Lowest Price online !! {1}
10 Gold Flake Vials... Lowest Price online !! {2}

10 Gold Flake Vials... Lowest Price online !!

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10 Gold Flake Vials... Lowest Price online !!

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We are the source... Lowest Price ... online
We are the main WHOLESALE supplier of these Flakes to 99% of all the Rock , Mineral, Gift shops and Theme Parks across the USA, and have been for many years now.
When you purchase them from us you are buying them at a true Wholesale price.  
We have pages and pages of Vials!
We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee ... everything we sell, and if you are not 
satisfied we will gladly refund your purchase.
You are buying ... 
10  Beautiful Glass Vials Of Gold Flakes
Each Vial is 2" x 5/16" with 
the plastic snap top
Our Flakes have a Sparkling Rich Appearance
of a fine 24k Gold
These Vials make excellent gifts and make our resellers huge profits at 
Gift Shops and trade shows.  
Great Ideas For Using Gold Flake Vials
Here are some samples of what other people have done with these vials.
Party and wedding decor are the newest crave for these VIALS of GOLD.
Florists are now using them in their Flower Arrangements.
Retailers run "FREE GOLD VIALS" by advertising free GOLD VIALS with every purchase. You won't believe the traffic build up in the store. Have plenty of GOLD VIALS available. Don't disappoint your customers. Then watch the cash register ring up extra sales. 
Coin dealers have started including GOLD VIALS in their inventory. One of our distributors tells us sales to collectors have taken off.
Many customers have sold over a 1000 GOLD VIALS at flea markets ... a weekend. So if you would just like to pick up some extra spending money this could be an excellent vehicle for you to try. What ever method you use to sell or use the GOLD VIALS to benefit yourself, don't put off till tomorrow what you should try today. Buy 50, buy 100, buy 500, buy 1000, buy any quantity you are comfortable with but get started, get that ball rolling. Remember your most important investment in life is the one you make in yourself.
Get more bang from your advertising buck by including our GOLD VIALS as part of your advertising strategy. In some cases they double the results.
If you're selling merchandise or services ... a web site persuade your customers to buy with a FREE GOLD VIAL offer. Some of our clients have doubled the results they previously experienced with this merchandising technique. Everybody loves getting something for nothing.
Charities insert them in fund raising letters to get attention. A client doubled their response with a GOLD VIAL and a card reading "THANKS  FOR YOUR SUPPORT."
Automobile dealers have advertised a VIAL of GOLD  free with every auto sold. A dealer e-mailed us "business has never been so good, Please overnight me another 1000 GOLD VIALS." Give GOLD away to the winners of your online auctions
Real estate agents have used them to sell houses and business properties. A customer of ours told us she sent out 200 of these GOLD VIALS randomly to people living in her neighborhood with a note saying that she would give anybody wishing to sell their house and listing it with her  25 VIALS GOLD . She got five new listings from this mailing within a month.
School groups sell the GOLD VIALS for $3 to friends and neighbors to raise money for special class projects. The senior's at one high school raised $2000 for the prom. A junior class raised $1200 for a weekend trip. Talk to your class advisor about a GOLD VIAL fundraiser for your next project.
Put one in your next mailing to promote your products or services and you'll see some fantastic results. Be prepared for that extra volume.
Stores buy them to sell at checkout counters
Manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers---Take a 1000 GOLD VIALS to your next trade show with a sign reading "Free VIAL OF GOLD with each purchase." Watch the orders pour in.
Some of our accounts distribute them to customers with stickers attached as a business card. Who can forget you then?
Barter them for goods and services. You'll be surprised how much you can get in exchange for a VIAL OF GOLD.
Insurance agents, use them to get a foot in the door to sell insurance products. This will make all your prospective clients feel SPECIAL.
Please email me if you have any other questions as well.
These Gold Leaf Flakes are a Composition of scrap metal flakes from
A Gold leafing manufacturer. 
There is no melt value to these flakes and are
Not for precious metal investment. These Gold Flakes are NOT edible gold leaf.  
We do not make any claim as to the percentage of actual gold contained in these flakes.
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